Our platform conjugates drugs on site. Consisting of drug encapsulated lipid microspheres, drug encapsulated liposomes and circulating unbound drugs, all in a single injection, our formulation creates a new category of medicines. Simply stated, we activate our proprietary lipid drug using safe, ultrasound-induced waves (from conventional noninvasive equipment) propagated through tissues. The biophysics interaction works as follows: we conjugate virtually any other drug with our FDA-approved lipid Imagent drug to create new patentable conjugates.

After injecting this microsphere/liposome/drug conjugate, we apply an FDA-approved intensity of ultrasound to the diseased tissue area. An interaction between this sonication and our lipid initiates a cascade of up to nine synchronous and synergistic cellular Modes of Action that improve the molecular Mechanism of Action of any encapsulated active drug. Activating these multiple Modes supercharges the biodistribution of any drug, resulting in efficacy improvements never available before. The waves cause the lipid conjugate to expand and contract, a cavitation which imparts various biophysical forces from the microspheres to the capillaries feeding a targeted tissue. These pressures release the active drug from the microsphere at the intended site and enable the liposome-encapsulated drug and any circulating free drug to be distributed preferentially at the site of the diseased cells.

These biophysical effects initiate a cascade of synchronous, synergistic, and safe cellular level effects such as temporarily opening pores in the capillary (known as sonoporation), promoting calcium ion exchange which promotes endocytosis, and countering interstitial fluid pressure which hinders the biodistribution of many drugs. A full nine cellular level Modes of Action on diseased tissue contribute to delivering significantly higher concentrations of an active drug than traditional systemic drug delivery.

Clay Larsen: Vesselon’s lipid activates up to nine synchronous and synergistic Modes of Action

TriForm™ Drugs

A primary Vesselon discovery is that reconstituting Imagent with an aqueous drug solution instead of sterile water prior to injection automatically yields our unique TriForm™ drugs. Contained in each TriForm™ vial of Imagent Conjugates are a) 10 billion lipid microspheres conjugated with active drug, b) 50 trillion self-assembling liposomes conjugated with active drug, and c) a free unbound drug. Each of these TriForm™ conjugated products is a patentable new chemical entity.

EPISTAT CEO Dr. Llew Keltner on how Vesselon’s drug platform would fit within a clinical practice paradigm

Reimbursement & Pre-clinical Data

Preparation of the Drug