Our Technology: Lipid Microspheres Combined with Ultrasound Technology

VEST™ Platform

By conjugating our FDA-approved Imagent lipid microsphere with approved drugs like IL-2 or our own superior oncolytic adenovirus, these new acoustically active drugs can address multiple indications in some of oncology’s most unserved clinical needs.

Immuno-Oncology Drugs Have Low Response Rates in Solid Tumors Due to Lack of Targeting, Toxicity, Degradation or Limited Immune Response

VEST™ Platform

Vascular Encapsulation

We use our FDA-approved lipid microspheres as an intravascular shield either to protect our drug from the body’s normal immune system, or to protect the body’s normal tissue from the drug. This enables our proprietary microsphere-drug conjugates to have a simple intravenous administration without expensive and lengthy chemical modifications.

Sonication Targeting

Using readily available diagnostic ultrasound systems, the tumors are sonicated for a matter of minutes while the microsphere-drug conjugates are in circulation. Each pass through the intertwined, leaky tumor vessels will both release and amplify the drug into the interstitial space adjacent to cancer cells so that the therapeutic agent can get to work.

Our Acoustically Active Drugs Safely Translate Physical Energy

Lipid Microspheres Safely Translate Energy Into Multiple Therapeutic Benefits

We control the physics of biochemistry to target tumors, protect our drugs in circulation, release them at the cancer site and produce a powerful anti-tumor immune response.